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Looking where to get titers, well there are two methods of getting there. One way is to take the taxi to the following address. 

Wojewodzka Stacja Sanitarno-Epidemiologiczna

Dzial Epidemiologii

ul. Nowowiejskiego 60

61-734 Poznan

tel: 854-4902, 854-4903


The second way is slightly cheaper, and you get to see a little more of the city. This mode involves using the tram system. Catch Tram 15 on Przybyszewskiego St. You will stay on it until you reach the fourth stop. This is the stop where to the left you will have Dabrowskiego St and to the right you will have Most Teatralny/Fredry St. Get off, and try to catch either Tram 9, 10, or 11. Get on either of these trams and stay on for 2 stops. On the second stop get off. When you get off, head in the direction that the tram would (with the exception of Tram 9 which turns at the intersection). You will have to cross the street. When you get to the other side of the street, go underneath the bridge and keep walking for about 30 seconds. You should come upon a bus stop. When you get to that point, the building you are looking for will be on your left. There will be a gate a few steps ahead where you will enter. Once in, proceed to the back of the building as that is the entrance to the lab. Walk up the stairs and you are in. In the window on your left, tell the person what you need. 

I would advise that you take someone who can speak Polish so that you can communicate. Also, ask that they give you a print out of the results in English. If you ask, they will do it. 

What are the tests that you might require:

  Lab Codes
Hepatitis B HBs Ag, HBs Ig, 
Hepatitis C HCV Ig
Chickenpox V-Z IgG (VZG)
Rubbella RUB IgG (RBG)






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