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(It is a PDF format so make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader)

To be test to TB, I recommend doing it during your Pulmonology rotation as you are already there. For the most part, your PPD test needs to be done within 6 months of your application so you are definitely in the right time. 

To get the PPD, you will have to go to the outpatient clinic area. To get there, enter the building, go left, just like you would be going to lecture. Now you will come upon a double glass door (to your left you will have the staircase leading to the lecture rooms and Pulmonology Dept). Proceed forward, and there is going to be a room on your right hand side, number 21 or 26 ( second door on the right). Go in, and ask if she will be able to administer the PPD for you. Would advise to bring someone who speaks Polish if you are not fluent, or bring one of the doctors from Pulmonology. Explain that you are a student who will be doing clinical rotation in the US and it is required for that purpose. 

Now, she might tell you that you will have to pay for it, and for that you will have to go back to the main entrance and pay whatever the amount is. I believe it is not more than 25 zloty. When you go back to have your PPD, make sure that she or whoever is doing it, that they fill in the form or you do it as long as they sign it. Make sure that you get the VIAL ID number. 

When to do it, one, get there early in the morning like 8am. Second they only administer PPD's three times a week and then read the results 72 hours later. Here is the schedule.


Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Friday Monday

Once your results are read on the appropriate day, again make sure that whoever reads it, makes not of it on the form. Also, make sure that they sign and stamp everything. Now, if you had BCG, your reaction might be large and you might have to get a chest x-ray done. You can do it at the Pulmonology Dept and the cost is 25zloty or you can go to the Radiology Department and have it done there with an English results reading (I am not sure of the cost there).




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