For any of you, who posses a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), we would like to share with you a few internet sites that might help you maximize the usage of your PDA. Most of the sites that we list are for the PALM OS, however there are a number that also provide programs for the WIN CE operating system. 

If you know of other sites, that has other valuable information, then please email us ( the site address and we will add it to this page. - Sell software for palm and ce OS. 

Handheldmed - you can purchase pda format books from them that will save you space in your bag when you go to clinics, ie: Harrison's, 5 Minute Clinical Consult, Merck Manual, and others

Skyscape - excelent site with a lot of medical software/books but unfortunately it is paid and expensive, however, they allow you to download a trial version which is a full version but with sections locked.

Meistermed - offers a few free programs for the Palm OS

Medcalc - probably to most popular and most useful tool to have in your Palm especially during clinics.

Anesthesiology - free program for calculating infusion rates

PalmGear - a lot of freeware and shareware applications.

Handango - mostly a site for purchasing PDA software

Tucows - a lot of freeware and shareware applications for Palm and CE OS.

Palm OS Screen - for anyone who wants to buy a new Palm Pilot or accessories.  

Mobipocket - another paid site which offers medical books for the pda

Memoware. - has over 10,000 downloads available for the Palm O/S

Get High Tech - offers replacement part for majority of PDA' plus accessories. Has great Palm O/S software including "WriteSmart Pro" with handwriting recognition features, screen protectors and more.

And other sites:



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