We are including a map of the city to orient you with the location of most school buildings. This way you can see prior to starting, the layout and also which buildings you will be going to. We marked the buildings with appropriate colors that correspond to a particular year. In case you want to live on your own and away from the dorm, this will also give you a sense of where to look for an apartment.

RED - first year BLUE - second year
GREEN -third year BLACK - fourth year

1. Eskulap Dorm - majority of the students end up here in their first year. It might be different now that a new dorm is up and the fact that portion of Eskulap is  being remodeled.

2. Medyk and Aspirinka Dorms - located next to each other and across from Pharmacology and Medical Polish classes.

3. Main Poznan Train station - useful if you are traveling to Berlin and are taking a train to Poznan.

4. Main Bus Station

5. Collegium Anatomicum - the home of first year classes like Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Embryology, Sociology, and some Genetics. Second year courses include Pathophysiology and Law and Ethics. It also includes 4th year Forensics Medicine.

6. Deans Office - besides the obvious, there are also 2nd year classes: Biostatistics, Public Health, Epidemiology, Hygiene, and Laboratory Medicine.

7. White building on Rokitnicka 5C is where Medical Polish is held and in back of it is another building where Pharmacology department is located.

8. General Hospital - 1st year courses include Anatomy and Neuroscience. 2nd year courses include Pathology, Immunology and Internal Medicine I. Also held here are 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations like Surgery, Internal Medicine II (Gastro, Endocrine, Nephro), and Dermatology.

9. Children's Hospital - 1st year only parts of Genetics. 2nd year includes Behavior of Science. 3rd year includes Pediatrics and Psychiatry.

10. Pulmonology Clinical Hospital - Pulmonology 3rd year rotations

11. Woman's Hospital - main OB/GYN hospital for 3rd year rotations. 

12. Microbiology Department

13. Collegium Magnus - Home of the School President ( Rektor). It is also a place for Parisitology and parts of Physiology (Biophysics Department)

14. Lung Diseases Hospital - 3rd year rotation in Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and Hematology


There are other buildings spread through out the city where you may have classes. However, the ones listed here are the major ones and most frequently visited by the students. 


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