Dear students of the Class of 2008,

Welcome! On behalf of The American Student Government I would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan. To ease your transition to Poland the ASG has prepared a short list of recommendations and information, which will help answer some of the questions you, may have regarding your upcoming move and the forthcoming year.

Traveling to and residing in Poland

In order to enter Poland and stay there legally you must ensure that you have the appropriate paperwork processed and available upon your departure.  If you are an American student using your American passport but were born in Poland, you may be asked to present a Polish passport. If you were born in the United States and you are entering on your US passport, you will then be allowed to stay in Poland for a total of ninety (90) days after which you will have to depart the country. There are two options available at this point: one is to obtain a temporary resident card, which is valid for two years (similar to a visa), or to leave the country and then come back (for example, go to Berlin for a day). If you are Canadian and have Polish citizenship, you will have to present both passports upon departing and returning to Canada.  Please contact the Polish Consulate about required documentation and for the most up-to-date information.  It is imperative that you are aware, and capable of meeting the requirements, of all the requisite laws and regulations pertaining to traveling to and residing in Poland.

What to expect when you arrive at the university

Upon your arrival to Poznan, a representative of the university will greet you and take you to the dormitories.  You will find that dormitory facilities at University are excellent and are both comfortable and modern.  The rooms allocated to you are very spacious, with a private bathroom and refrigerator and fast Internet connection.  During your first days in Poznan, the University faculty, staff and your upper classmates will endeavor to make you feel right at home.  As well, during your information sessions the wonderful staff at the University will assist you with all your needs.  Your upper classmates will also plan many fun filled events for you? including a city tour and a “meet and greet” barbeque.


Most upper year students, having been through this experience themselves, will agree that there are a few essential items that should go on everyone’s “to pack” list.  For most, a computer, whether desktop or laptop proves indispensable.  In addition to all the standard uses, this wonderful piece of equipment will allow you to communicate with far off family and friends without worrying about the cost of regular long distance calls.  If you are bringing any electronics, please make sure to bring a special plug and a power converter.  Although your computer has a converter already built in and only needs a special plug, other electronics you might bring may need a power converter.  As well, you might want to consider bringing clothing appropriate for both hot and cold weather.  Comfortable shoes will also go a long way when you explore the city or walk to school.  Make sure to bring one item of formal business wear and one item of formal evening wear as these items will come in handy when you attend your Inauguration Ceremony and your Thanksgiving Dinner.

Although you may be tempted to pack as much as possible into your suitcases you should realize that this is neither necessary nor convenient.  Apart from the fact that there is probably a weight restriction on your luggage, everything you need and want can be purchased in Poznan.  This city is filled with great shopping centers, small boutiques, and charming markets where you will be able make purchases to fulfill all your needs. Poznan is also filled with fantastic restaurants, breathtaking architecture and wonderful natural scenery.  I do not think anyone could regret coming to such a beautiful place.

Throughout the four years in Poznan, your most trusted and valuable possessions will be your books. In the past, students were in the unfortunate position of having to purchase their textbooks prior to their arrival in Poznan. Aside from the unbelievable weight of the suitcases, this was inconvenient from the perspective of having to sift through long lists of recommended textbooks without any input from upper year students. Presently, you may purchase English-language textbooks at a local bookstore, order online at, or you may also buy and sell used texts at our school's community website.

I would also highly recommend that upon your acceptance to the Medical Program, you sign up to the schools community message board.  This is an excellent means of communicating with your future classmates and a great way to share concerns, news and advice.  Most importantly, you will also be able to converse with upper classmates, ask them questions regarding curriculum and lifestyle, and arrange to buy used text books.  The following is a link which will allow you to sign up for the forum:

Please use this page as a resource but do not hesitate to contact the ASG at should additional questions arise or further explanation be required.

Congratulations once again on your acceptance, we the students of University of Poznan look forward to meeting you in August.

Best of luck,

Agnes Weznerowic, MS1

American Student Government 1st year Representative

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