If you are coming to KMU early and not traveling with the group then you need to make arrangements and inform the deans office, especially if you want to stay in the dorm. Here are the steps that you should take:

1. Call the US office telling them that you are not flying with the group and also ask them to inform the Deans office of this.

2. Call the Deans office at 011-48-61-847-7489 and speak to Pani Basia or Mirka. Tell them your name and that you want a room reserved for you at the dorm, or not. Also inform them of the approximate time that you will be arriving in Poznan. This way the key will be waiting for you and next day you will do the paperwork, or you might be able to get rid of it all the same day.

3. Lastly you can call the Housing Administration right before leaving to confirm your room reservation. Speak to Karolina at the following number 011-48-61-849-2618.


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