May 25, 2004


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3-22-04 Dr. Lubiatowski Physical exam (PPS file)
3-22-04 Dr. Surdziel Tendon lesions (PPS file)
3-22-04 Dr. Lubiatowski Nerve lesions/microsurgery (PPS file) 18 MB
3-24-04 Dr. Kruczynski  Osteoarthritis Slides (PDF)

Osteoarthritis Printer version (PDF)

3-25-04 Dr. Jozwiak Cerebral Palsy 1 (, unzip it, double click it)

Cerebral Palsy 2 (, unzip it, double click it)





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May 18, 2004


(the below lectures are similar but not exact copies from the current lectures given. They lack some of the diagrams/pictures, however, they seem to contain all of the text)

Monday 5-17-04 Ear seminar/lecture (PDF file)

NEW - EAR SEMINAR (Powerpoint file)

Tuesday 5-18-04 Nose seminar/lecture (PDF file)

NEW - NOSE SEMINAR (Powerpoint file)

Wednesday 5-19-04 Oral cavity and Pharynx seminar/lecture (PDF file)

NEW - Oral pathology 1 (Powerpoint file)

NEW - Oral pathology 2 (Powerpoint file)

Thursday 5-20-04 Larynx seminar/lecture (PDF file)


Feb 23, 2004


2003 - Dr. Pawlak  Diseases and syndromes of the spinal cord (PDF)
2004 - Dr. Pawlak  Dementia [not available yet]
2004 - Dr. Michalak  Headaches (PDF)
2003 - Dr. Pawlak  Movement Disorders (PDF)
2004 - Dr. Michalak   Tumors of the CNS (PDF)
2004 - Dr. Michalak  Spinal Cord Diseases (PDF)
2004 - Dr. Niezgody  Cerebrovascular Disorders [not available yet]
2004 - Dr. Niezgody  Cranial Nerve Abnormalities (PDF)

Feb 16, 2004

Dermatology Notes

(all notes are in the PDF format and printer friendly version)

2-16-04 Dr. Czarnecka-Operacz
2-16-04 Dr. Jenerowicz
2-17-04 Dr. Czarnecka-Operacz

Feb 4, 2004

Ophthalmology Notes

2-2-04 Dr. Siennicka - Methods of Ophthalmological Examination 
2-4-04 Dr.Kociecki - Disorders of the lens 
2-4-04 Dr.Kociecki - Tumors of the Eye

Jan 19, 2004

All available Oncology Notes

1-19-04  Dr. Murawa - Breast surgery and pathology
1-19-04 Dr. Tomaszewska - Gynecological Oncology  (all material except for Cervical Caner 2 Powerpoint was presented in class. All the files are quite extensive in content. Read at your own risk/time)
1-21-04 Dr. Izycki - Gene therapy
1-23-04 Dr. Izycki - Immunology of cancer
1-23-04 Dr. Skowronek - Melanoma
1-26/27-04 Radiotherapy


Oct 13, 2003

To all the 4th year students who are doing elective outside of Poland. For every rotation that you do, you have to fill out an evaluation form that is then given to the dean's office. In case you have forgotten to get them prior to leaving Poland, lost them, or just don't have enough of them, you can download the form from this website. You will need to have access to Adobe Acrobat reader to view the form.

 Pass this information to anyone who is doing electives.

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