Class of 2004 Graduation Ceremony will be held on:

June 4th at 3pm at the Aula

(same as the inauguration place)


To all graduating students. Before you are able to get your diploma, there is one more form that you have to complete before the school will give you your MD status. The form (which you can download and print) requires you to obtain three stamps. You have to get the stamps from:

1.   The main library that you do not owe any books/fines

2.   The Study Room, which again confirms that you do not owe any books.

3.   The dorm administration that you are in good standing and you do not have any outstanding fees or unresolved damages to the rooms.


Once you have completed this form, return it to the Deanís office. However, be advised that officially you cannot obtain these stamps until 2 weeks prior to the graduation ceremony.


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