These books have been provided by the Deans office. The usefulness of these books has not been checked. WE cannot guarantee that these books are worth it. If you have other books then by all means use them.

Booklist for Seniors Academic year 2002 - 2003

(list from previous years)

Laryngology (current list)

  • Alberti, P.W.R.J.,Ruben J., Otologic Medicine and Surgery, Vol. I and II, Churchill Livingstone New York, Edinburgh, London, Melbourne, 1987.

  • Arnold, W.J., Laissue A., Friedmann I., Naumann H.H.: Diseases of the Head and Neck. Thieme Stuttgart and New York, 1987.

  • Becker W., Naumann H.H., Pfaltz C.R.: Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases

  • Nadol J.B., Schuknecht H.F.,Jr.: Surgery of the Ear and Temporal Bone. Raven Press,Ltd.,1185, New York, 10030.


  • Kenneth A, Arndt, M.D.: Manual of Dermatologic Therapeutics with essentials of diagnosis. (the latest edition) Little, Brown & Company, Boston.


  • P.G. Barash, B.E. Cullen, R.K. Stoelting. Clinical Anesthesia. Lippincott - Raven (the latest edition).

  • D. Borsook, A. Lebel, B.McPeek, The Massachusetts General Hospital Handbook of Pain Management. Lippincott-Raven Publ. (the latest edition).

  • J.K.Davison, W.F. Eckhard, D.A. Perese. Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital Lippincott-Raven Publ. (the newest edition).

  • Lippincott-Raven Interactive Anesthesia Library on CD-Room.

Infectious Diseases

  • Paul D. Hoeprich, M.D., M. Colin Jordan, M.D., Allan R. Roland, M.D., Infectous Diseases,' A Treatise of Infectious Processes, Lippincott ,A. Wolters, Kluwer Company (the latest edition).


  • J. Kansky - Ophthalmology.


  • Apley Alan Graham, the latest edition, Butterworths, System of orthopedics and fractures.

  • Lynn T. Staheli, Raven Press, New York, Fundamentals of Pediatrics Orthopedics (the latest edition).


  • Manual of Clinical Oncology.  


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