• HEMATOLOGY SEMINARS  (Year 2002-2003)

Monday Iron Deficiency Anemia of Chronic Disease
Hemolytic Anemias  
Tuesday Megaloblastic Anemias Myelodysplastic Syndromes
AML Chronic myeloproliferative disorders
Wednesday  CLL Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma part1
Multiple Myeloma Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma part 2
Thursday Hodgkins Disease Hereditary Hemorrhagic Disorders
Friday Blood therapy Platelet Disorders


  • OBSTETRICS/GYNECOLOGY Lectures and Seminars (Year 2002-2003)

The following lectures were given during the 2002-2003 Academic Year by the following doctors. The current Academic Year 2003-2004 might cover all or some of the topics. Check your lecture/seminar schedule and compare it to this one to see if the topics are available for you to download. If other topics become available, we will make sure to add them to the list.

Also, the two topics highlighted were too big to put on the server in their original form, therefore, they are a scanned version of the powerpoint printout. They are readable, but some of the pictures are not clear. If you want, send am email request and someone will forward a copy of it to your mailbox. Remember, make sure that you have at least 8MB of free room in your email account.

Date / Doctors Name


Dr. Spaczynski  Pelvic Anatomy (word document)
Dr. Brzezinska  Rules and Conduct of Labor (PowerPoint Presentation)
Dr. Malewski  Puepartum Lecture (word document)
Dr. Olejnik  Basic Principles of GYN chemotherapy and radiotherapy (word document)
Dr. Malewski  Postpartum Hemorrhage (PowerPoint Presentation-retyped)
Dr. Friebe  Diagnostic Techniques in Gynecology (word document)
Dr. Spaczynski  Endocrinology of Pregnancy (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Bednarek  Uroplacental Insufficiency (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Zietkowiak  Vulvar Cancer (word document)
Dr. Spaczynski  Infertility: general principles of evaluation (word document)
Dr. Obrembowska  Ovarian Cancers (word document)
Prof. Ozegowska  Diabetes and Pregnancy (word document)
Dr. Jarzabek  Gynecological problems of adolescence (word document)
Dr. Persona  Postdate Pregnancy (word document)
Dr. Malewski  Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Spaczynski  Chronic Pelvic Pain (1.8MB PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Spaczynski  Contraception (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Jedrzejczak  Assisted Reproduction (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Olejnik  Palliative Care (word document)
Dr. Banaszewska  Hyperandroginism (PowerPoint presentation)
Dr. Kadziolka  Genetic Counseling (word document)
Dr. Bednarek  Cases in Obstetrics (word document)
Dr. Ropacka  Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (word document)


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