This in not a mandatory list. It has been formed with the collaboration of the faculty and students. The books listed here reflect the most commonly used books by the students; however, you are not limited to them solely. The best way to see if you like a particular book is to go to your near by Medical School bookstore and review the book there. If you happen to come upon a book that is not listed here and you seem to like it, then by all means buy it.



( There is an Intermediate version of Robbins edition 7th, but the professor swears by the full version)

  • Robbins, Cotran, Kumar, and Collins. Pathologic Basis of Disease. 6th edition . ISBN 0-7216-7335-X
  • Robbins, Cotran, Kumar, and Collins. Pocket Companion to Pathologic Basis of Disease. 6th edition . ISBN 0-7216-7859-9
  • Wheaters. Histopathology Atlas. 3rd Edition. ISBN 0-443-05088-0

    Other suggestions/substitutes for the above books:

  • Schneider and Szanto. Pathology Board Review Series.  ISBN 0-683-07608-6
  • Chandrasoma and Taylor. Concise Pathology. 3rd Edition. ISBN 0-8385-1499-5



(There is no one book for this class. Students buy specific titles for each subject)

  • McPhee. Pathophysiology of Disease. 3rd Edition. ISBN 0-8385-7678-0 (Professor recommends it but not necessarily covers everything. The book is very dry to read and at times not everything is clearly stated)
  • Longenecker. High Yield Acid-Base. ISBN 0-683-30393-7  OR  Preston. Acid-Base, Fluids, and Electrolytes Made Ridiculously Simple.  ISBN 0940780313

Student Suggestions:

  • Koeppen and Stanton. Mosby Physiology Monograph Series: Renal Physiology. 3rd Edition. ISBN  0-323-01242-6 ( there are also other subjects from this series, however, not reviewed by students)
  • Shayman. Lippincotts Pathophysiology Series: Renal Pathophysiology,the Essentials.  ISBN  0397513720 (you can also invest into other titles within the series)
  • Lilly. Pathophysiology of the Heart.  ISBN: 0781740274
  • West. Pulmonary Pathophysiology: the Essentials. 5th ed. ISBN: 0683302256




(There is a full version of Katzung for those interested.)

  • Katzung and Trevor. Examination and Board Review Pharmacology. 6th Edition. ISBN 0-8385-7708-3

    and / or

  • Harvey and Champe. Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews: Pharmacology. 2nd Edition. ISBN  0-7817-2413-9

    Student opinion A MUST HAVE:

  • Johannsen and Sabatine. Pharmcards: Review Cards for Medical Students. 2nd ed. ISBN: 0781734010 



  • Janeway, Travers, and Walport. Immunobiology. 5th Edition.  ISBN  081533642X


  • Levinson and Jawetz. Medical Microbiology and Immunology. 6th Edition.  ISBN 0-8385-6410-0


  • Clancy. Basic Concepts in Immunology: A students survival guide. ISBN  0-07-011371-8




  • Fadem. Behavioral Science: Board Review Series. 3rd edition. ISBN 0683306812


Obtain a large reference book with clinical disease symptoms and physical examination or a small pocket book to carry with you in the hospital. There are many choices out there not just the ones listed here. 

      Reference Book:

  • Braunwald, et al. Harrisons Internal Medicine. 15th Ed. ISBN 0070072728  (there is a one volume or two volume version, not sure which one this ISBN number applies to)
  • Seidel. Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination (With CD-ROM). ISBN: 0323001785

      Hospital Use companion:

  • Bickley. Bates' Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. ISBN: 0781718694
  • Harrisons Internal Medicine Pocket Companion. ISBN




  • no books listed and class notes are sufficient
  • suggestion: 
Continuation of First Aid from first year with the book obtained in Poland, Poznan or  Pick a copy of ACLS manual from home or purchase on the internet.
  • Glaser. High Yield Biostatistics.2nd ed. # ISBN: 078172242X

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